Why choose TEAM iQ?

Why choose TEAM iQ

Easy to use

TEAM iQ is easy to use. No special training is needed. Don’t take our word for it – log on today and try it now for free.

Get started right away

Are you embarking on a major IT project? Is it going to take days, weeks or months to buy and set up any new equipment? How long will it take to install the software and then train everyone on how to use it?

TEAM iQ is 100% online and browser based so you can get started right away. There is no software to download or install and no heavy IT project to wade through.

Simply sign up for your free trial, and follow the on screen instructions to get started right away. You’ll be creating Online Training within minutes.

PC, Tablet or phone – ‘home, office or on the go’

You can use all the functions of TEAM iQ on your computer, tablet or smartphone browser. Just log on at www.teamiq.com and you’re away.

Online help throughout

Refer to the online help provided throughout the system, or contact our friendly support team for any assistance you may need.

Responsive to customer requests – try us now!

We don’t represent a third party – we have developed and own the software we licence to you. So if you’ve got any suggestions on how we might improve it, we’d love to hear from you – as you help make our system better.

Try it now – free

When you decide which system you might use, can you try it out for free? Not just take a quick look, but actually use it to create some real training and then get your customers or staff to actually use it?

With TEAM iQ you can. Your initial use is completely free, no obligation trial of the full system.

Flexible contract terms

Once you decide what system you want, what contractual commitment will you have to enter into before you are allowed to use it? Will you have to sign up to a minimum contract term? One year? Is there a minimum notice period before you can leave? 3 months? Is there a minimum monthly charge? $500 a month?

With TEAM iQ you don’t have to make any contractual commitment.