Create Bespoke e-Learning
Quickly Create, Publish & Manage the Training You Need

Create just the training you need

Your business is different. So your staff need different skills and training to drive your business forward.

Training on target

TEAM iQ provides an easy set of tools you can use to create exactly the bespoke training you need.

You don’t need any programming or special computer skills to create your e-Learning. You can even create it on your mobile phone.

Mobile e-learning

No IT department involvement is needed - there’s no software to download or install, and no new equipment to buy.

Improves the way your staff deliver

Train your staff

TEAM iQ makes it quick and easy for you to provide the powerful, effective e-Learning your staff need in all the following areas:

  • Working practices & quality management
  • Selling techniques
  • Customer engagement & communication skills
  • Customer support
  • Product knowledge
  • Organisation change
  • IT systems

Statutory and regulatory compliance

Legal and regulatory requirements place differing obligations on employers to train their staff.

Compliance Training

Meet your legal obligation to train cost effectively - by creating and providing online the training that your staff must do.

  • Workplace health & safety
  • Fire safety
  • Food hygiene
  • Driver training
  • Asbestos management training
  • Any other regulatory requirement...

Easy access to training

Encourage your staff to do their e-Learning by providing quick and easy access to it where and when they need it - staff can access their training on their computers, tablets or mobile phone.

Training devices

Track and manage the training across your team

Manage Training

When you assign training (to individuals or whole groups of staff at a go) your staff receive an email notifying them of the new training requirement, with a link that they can just click on to open the course.

You automatically get a record showing:-

  • Who has been assigned training,
  • Who has completed it (and when they did so) and
  • Who has yet to do it.

So it’s easy for you to make sure that everyone that needs to do the training has actually done it.

You can get the management information and reports that you need using a simple ‘export’ function to extract training record reports to a spreadsheet for further analysis or distribution.

When you really want to know that they know...

Staff cannot just skip through the online training that you assign to them on TEAM iQ, but must work through it page by page in the manner intended.

At the end of each session you can include interactive questions and answers designed to assess and confirm the trainee’s knowledge.

You can cause trainees to automatically repeat any related training content if they get questions wrong and fail to demonstrate sufficient understanding.

By the time they complete the course, you know that they know.

Manage your staff in their different teams

Group and manage your staff in different teams - for example by job function, role or reporting line. Staff can belong to any number of different teams.

Staff Teams

Then, make sure your sales staff have all done the training they need, distinct from ensuring that all new joiners have completed their induction training.

Auditable training

TEAM iQ demonstrates your staff compliance - with a permanent record on the system and/or reports and certificates that show:-

  • Who has done their training,
  • What training has been completed, and
  • When they did it.

On screen and printed reports help you identify any training that is overdue and manage those who have yet to do their training.

Complement face-to-face training

Use your e-Learning to complement face-to-face training you provide.

  • Preparatory e-Learning before attending face-to-face training sessions.
  • Follow up material online to reinforce face-to-face training.
  • Refresher or update training, to ensure that your staff stay right up to date.

Cost effective re-use of your training

Once you’ve created the eLearning you need you can re-use it time and time again.

Reuse training

Use existing training material to train new staff as they join, and to provide refresher training to existing staff as required.

Easily refresh & update your training

It’s easy for you to refresh and update your training - to meet changing requirements over time, and keep your training up to date.